mickeleh said: Staged? Where are the model releases consenting to this? Where are the on-camera statements from the actresses telling us that they were willing participants? Instead of a self-serving claim by Sam that he had staged this, he might have provided some evidence that he staged it.

There are countless sketches on youtube, nobody documents that.,ever. The  main reason is however as I stated, that it was a less than convincing prank. It was rather obvious that it was fake.

Sam Pepper

As I thought Sams video was staged, or at least he says so. This has however not quieted the criticism. So here is my revised take on this matter.

1 I still believe the video was staged, for the same reasons as before. The hoddie with the fake arm  looked like crap, it would be a red flag to anyone who was paying attention. Furthermore the girls in the video were suspiciously attractive, random people tend not to be good looking, because most people are not.

And finally Sam Pepper may not be the brightest or a nice person, but he is not dumb enough to film himself committing assault  and put the evidence on his Youtube channel. This is also the reason why I think several of the other videos are staged.

In this case a staged video backfired so he came up with this rather lame social experiment excuse anlong with two quickly made other videos 

So what is the conclusion to this? Sam Pepper is probably a bit of a dick, and not a good rolemodel, but so far nothing has come forward that merits brandishing him as an abuser or a criminal although there has been several accusations. Accusations are  however not facts, and trials by public opinion should be avoided.

Finally another  small worry of mine. Many of the comments after the reveal, including Lacy Greens, were of a nature where the people who jumped to conclusions  tried to justify their mistake by somehow claiming  to be right anyway. I have not seen a single commenter saying, that they were wrong,  This is in my opinion just as big a problem.

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True that

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The view from our apartment when I was two.