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Random Ramblings turned 3 today!

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True that

True that

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Happy draw Muhammad day

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The view from our apartment when I was two.

How to tell if you are too old to watch The Fault in our Stars

Watch the trailer. If your first thought is ” Laura Dern looks hot”, then you are too old for this movie

Each star system is an island in space, quarantined from its neighbours by the light-years. I can imagine creatures evolving into glimmerings of knowledge on innumerable worlds, every one of them assuming at first their puny planet and paltry few suns to be all that is. We grow up in isolation. Only slowly do we teach ourselves the Cosmos.
Carl Sagan (via sci-universe)
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Netflix has updated its public data on how fast it streams movies to customers around the world. Viewers in the Netherlands see their movies with the best quality, at an average rate of 3.25 megabits per second, while Mexico comes in the slowest with an average of 1.76 Mbps. 1 But that’s nowhere near as fast as internet service providers promise customers.

The OECD, an organization of wealthy countries, surveyed top broadband providers in 2012, and reported their median advertised speed, shown in the second column above. Judging by Netflix’s data, the bandwidth consumers actually receive is much less than what they are promised.

Of course, we shouldn’t be too surprised: The lawyers at the telecoms generally note in the fine print that actual performance may vary. Streaming video like Netflix also doesn’t capture all types of internet traffic. Still, this is a meaningful metric—Netflix is among the reasons that people actually pay for broadband.

(Streaming Netflix movies make up 33% of US web traffic at peaks times, for instance.)

(MORE: Yes, your internet connection is slower than advertised - Quartz)

Is it possible that a lot of people with very fast connections use something else than Netflix cough torrents cough

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